International Classical Music Competition
Due to the tense epidemiological situation in 2021, the competition is being held online. Previously, the competition was held internally in San Remo (Italy).
piano solo, piano ensembles for one instrument
violin and cello
all kinds of ensembles
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky used to say «One couldn't think of anything more exciting than San Remo…".

Throughout the 19th and the 20th century it was a colorful and picturesque nature of the Ligurian coast that inspired many famous artists and composers.

Our Contest can pave the way for new talented musicians in the world of Classical Music. We are setting a new music project to complement a traditional Song Festival well-known for more than 60 years. Apart from being inspired with beautiful landscapes of San Remo you can visit and take part in master classes led by the Professors of Moscow Conservatory and the Gnesin's Academy. The participants will perform at the famous stage and compete for the Gran-Prix, the Best Performer, the Masterly Skill and other awards. Looking forward to get your applications! Wish you all the luck and inspiration!

Jury of the competition
Head of the jury, piano
Pianist, teacher, soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic, associate professor at Moscow University and Moscow Conservatory, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, winner of international competitions.
Professor at the Graduate School of Music at the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico City
Winner of international competitions
Maxim Kuzmin-Karavaev
vocals (bass)
laureate of the International Competition. Glinka, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater (2015)
Adamova Mazzei
vocals (soprano)
President and Artistic Director of the Art & Music Insieme Association (Italy), Laureate of International Competitions
Alexander Zyumbrovsky
concertino of the cello group of the Arena di Verona orchestra ", teacher and composer, laureate of International competitions
Online greeting from our jury members

Since this year's competition is being held online, we decided to introduce you to our jury members and asked them to write down a greeting-parting word for you! We hope they will inspire you to new achievements.

Write down the answer word for the jury or your emotions about participation, add them to Instagram and tag us @imperorusso. We will be very happy!

Gianantonio Rossi
- professor of the Cello Department of the Milan Conservatory. Giuseppe Verdi
In November 2020, one of our jury members, professor of cello at the Milan Conservatory, Gianantonio Rossi, passed away. On behalf of the organizing committee of the competition, we express our condolences to the family and friends of the professor.
The terms of participation:
Age groups
  • 6-9
  • 10-12
  • 13-15
  • 16-18
  • 19-30
    Ensembles are categorized by senior competitor.
The jury has the right to:
1. To award not all prizes.
2. Establish special prizes and incentive certificates.

All decisions of the jury are recorded in the protocol, are final and are not subject to revision.
Financial agreement
Participation in the competition involves payment of the competition fee:

Group I - 6-9 years old: 50 €
Group II - 10-12 years old: 50 €
Group III - 13-15 years old: 70 €
Group IV - 16-18 years old: 70 €
Group V - 19-30 years old: 80 €

Ensemble: 100 € for two participants + 30 € for each next one, regardless of age

Low-income and large families are provided with benefits in the amount of 30% of the cost of participation

Von Meck Foundation details to pay for participation (download document)
Criteria for evaluation
- degree of complexity of the repertoire;
- degree of virtuosity and technical freedom;
- artistry and creative individuality.
According to the results of the competition, the titles of Laureates and Diploma winners are established in each nomination. All participants receive certificates for participation, laureates receive cash prizes.

The total prize fund of the competition is from 10,000 €.

There are also special awards from the von Meck Foundation.
Competition Regulation
You can find all the detailed information and program in the official Regulation on the competition.

Download Competition regulation

Download program requirements
Music scores
Our jury members have selected sheet music for you for several age groups. You can use our database if you have any difficulties in drawing up the competition program.

The sheet music can be downloaded from the link (click on the link).
Applications are accepted until December 31, 2021
the results will be announced in January 2022
How it was?
The organizing committee of the "Empire of Russian Music" competition, as well as jury members and participants of the competition, thank Elena Vyatkina, Mikhail Luchinkin, Andrey Cheglakov, Natalya Ternovskaya, Alexander and Galina Borodin for providing sponsorship. Thanks to your support, children from different parts of the country were able to make an unforgettable trip to Italy. Through our joint efforts, we gave the contest participants a path to a beautiful future, full of vivid impressions and new victories, and also opened up prospects for professional growth at the international level.

Thanks to your support, children from different parts of the country were able to make an unforgettable trip to Italy. Through our joint efforts, we gave the contest participants a path to a beautiful future, full of vivid impressions and new victories, and also opened up prospects for professional growth at the international level.
Feedback from participants
Соня Зельцер - лауреат конкурса "Империя русской музыки" 2019 - выступление в парке Зарядье
Екатерина Кобзарева - лауреат конкурса "Империя русской музыки" 2019 - Барток "Соната для фортепиано"
Partners and organizers of the competition
Organizing team
Zhuravleva Natalya
contest founder
competition (Russia)
Manuela Poletti

competition (Italy)
Rybina Lisa

community contest manager
Novozhenina Arina

technology and multimedia project manager
Participant Application
Full name
Date of Birth
Country of Residence
Current city
Contact number
Concertmaster Name
Are the services of an on-line accompanist necessary?
The cost of the on-line accompanists services is 100 € (rehearsals + competitive performance).
Brief cv
Your education, teacher, experience in participating in competitions and concerts.
Video link to any 1-2 best performances
You can send a link to the cloud (Google, Yandex, etc.) or YouTube
A copy of the current document confirming the identity of the participant (passport, birth certificate).
For minors - an additional copy of the parents document
Receipt of payment
For payment details, see the section Conditions of participation
By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the privacy policy.
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